7 Great Uses for Salsa

Our fans have spoken and continue to share their recipes using our products. Our mild salsa is one of our favorites and is a best seller. It has been the anchor product as we have expanded over the years and introduce other salsas and dips. From our garden to your belly, our ingredients are fresh which means our products are not produced in a lab and contains zero genetically modified organisms. You know you have a good product when you do not have to rely on gimmicks and tricks to chemically alter or artificially flavor something people consume. We rely on a delicious blend of fresh vegetables and spices with a hint of sweetness in every bite. As a result of caring about the health and lifestyle of our customers, we have created a salsa line that boasts low sodium, non-gmo, is packed with fresh ingredients, and void of preservatives that can irritate the stomach and cause acid-reflux. What can you do with our line of Red Cactus salsa products? First off, check out our recipe page and testimonials to get an idea what others are doing, then come up with your own recipe.

Here are seven ways we love to use our sweet, all natural salsas.

1. Grab a slow cooker

There’s really nothing better than a delicious meal cooked over an extended period of time to let the flavors meld together. With this process, really anything goes! Be creative in the process. Toss in some chicken breasts to marinate and cook in the sweet juices of our mild salsa. Looking for a little more heat? Add some of the Red Cactus hot salsa or some of our sweet jalapeños for that extra kick. Want to up the flavor? Marinate the chicken for 24 hours in the salsa, sprinkle with a rub of your choice, sear the breasts then pop them in the slow cooker. The sear will help lock the flavors in and the dry seasoning rub will add a flavor punch to compliment the salsa.

2. Breakfast

There’s little more satisfying than a hot breakfast or brunch on a weekend morning. Huevos Rancheros, for example, is an amazing traditional dish consisting primarily of eggs. But this dish has so many incredible variations and really is the perfect vehicle for the flavors found within Red Cactus salsa. Want to add another layer to this? Try it with our Salsa Con Queso for a sweet and zesty experience.

3. Gazpacho

Fall may be quickly approaching but there are still a few warm days left and what is better than a cold soup on a hot day? Gazpacho is a great treat that should be added to every summer recipe. Not only is it refreshing on a hot summer day, but it is refreshing made from all fresh ingredients. Red onions, cucumbers, jalapeños, pinch of salt and pepper, maybe a dash of red wine vinegar and some cilantro bunches, gazpacho is a perfect way to utilize those garden vegetables. Additionally, adding a jar of Red Cactus salsa can be that hidden gem that puts this crowd pleaser over the top.

4. Béchamel sauce

Typically a white, béchamel sauce is made from a roux (butter and flour) with added milk. But a béchamel sauce is also a base of many additional sauces, so why not take a bit of french influence and combine it with a jar of our sweet salsa or maybe even some Red Cactus White Cheese Sauce. Why not both? The result is a thick creamy sauce that can be used with everything from pasta to steak.

5. Add to a delicious maple-glazed salmon dish

Even in the midwest, salmon is readily available at grocery stores and is not only a delicious fish, it works well with a variety of flavors and ingredients. One of which is glazing the fish with real maple syrup then topping it off with a Red Cactus fresh salsa when it comes out of the oven. The sweetness of the maple, the flavor of the salmon and fresh acidity of the salsa works wonders together to elevate a simple dish into an impressive dinner.

6. Stuffing

From jalapeño poppers, stuffed peppers, or even a spin off the chicken cordon bleu, salsa has an infinite number of uses as a stuffing. Salsa has an infinite number of uses in general in today’s culinary world. And forget keeping it strictly to southwestern or mexican cuisine. Dig through that recipe book of yours and get creative! Use our fresh Red Cactus salsa as a substitute for a sauce, a tomato base, a condiment or garnish. Keep track of your experiments and create your own flavor bible to reference for future dishes.

7. In a bowl

Sometimes the best way to eat delicious, non-gmo, natural, gluten free, garden fresh vegetable salsa is with a tortilla chip of your choice. Keeping it simple is sometimes better and equally as rewarding.

We think that a healthy lifestyle means not only eating fresh food and ingredients that are non-gmo, not packed with artificial flavoring and are gluten free, but also being creative about what and how you eat. Break the traditional constraints of those pre-made boxed meals and buy local, fresh produce. Start researching how to build and tend a garden. Even if you live in an apartment without access to a plot, there are options between an indoor greenhouse or community garden opportunities. The result is a healthy lifestyle and healthy choices made each day with particular focus on what you consume. At Red Cactus-USA, we are focused and dedicated to creating a healthy product and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This mission includes what we consume in terms of food, but also what we consume which fills our soul. From people sharing their recipes with us to people sharing their lives through testimonials, it is clear that this project is bigger than a jar of the best salsa you will ever have. The bigger picture at Red Cactus is how to lead a healthy life and continue to inspire a community.