The Benefits of Eating Gluten Free Products

There is nothing better than fresh food, straight from a garden. Well, maybe if those fresh garden vegetables, spices and jalapeños are combined with a touch of our sorghum syrup to make a jar of our Red Cactus-USA salsa. That just may be a little better. From our humble beginnings, our salsa company has grown into a vehicle for healing. At Red Cactus-USA, we believe that a healthy and well-balanced diet paired with good nutrition leads to a healthy and fulfilling life. In fact, what we eat plays a huge role on how we feel and how our bodies grow. And because food fuels the soul, we pride ourselves on products that are made from those garden-fresh vegetables. Not only that, but our products are gluten free making them some of the only dip products on the market that have zero gluten. Food is the quickest way to improve or destroy your health, that is why we have created a salsa that does not create the same acid-reflux triggers and are non-gmo. Having access to all natural gluten free salsa alternatives means we are continually making a conscious step to empower people and keep them happy.

According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, gluten is a general term for the proteins we find in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. At its basic level, gluten helps foods by acting like an adhesive, a type of glue. This protein is a binder that keeps this food type stable in form. While many people have recently been avoiding gluten, celiac disease is a disease which gluten triggers an immune response that affects the lining of the small intestine and leads to serious illness including seizures. Gluten is largely used by food companies except for Red Cactus-USA.

What are some benefits of kicking Gluten from your diet?

For celiac and gluten-intolerant consumers

People with celiac disease can be affected as gluten prevents them from absorbing nutrients from food. Gluten can also lead to osteoporosis, infertility, nerve damage and seizures, if you have an intolerance or diagnosed as celiac through a blood test which checks for antibodies against a protein, tissue transglutaminase. With our product line at Red Cactus being gluten free, and one of the only gluten free dips on the market, we are actively working to close the gap so whether you are gluten intolerant or not, you can enjoy our sweet salsa products.

Pay attention to what you eat

Whether you have been told by a doctor to avoid gluten or you have self-diagnosed, one benefit of the gluten-free trend is that people are paying more attention to what they are putting into their bodies. Avoiding gluten altogether can be incredibly challenging as it is found in everything from food, to beer, to medicine to toothpaste and much more. By cutting out gluten from your diet, you may also be cutting out vitamins and nutritional benefits found in wheat and oats which are critical to a healthy digestion. However, it is possible to get your fiber from other grains or from fresh vegetables like what you will find in Red Cactus-USA salsa. When you pay attention to what you put in your body, you begin to notice the brands and the companies who care as much about a healthy lifestyle as you. Helping people live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle has been the priority of Red Cactus salsas, which is why having a gluten free product serves everyone.

An increase of fruits and vegetables to your diet

When we pay attention to what we eat, we begin to realize that there is a lot of trash food out there. As a result, we go back to our roots, so to speak, and dive into the old adage, “An apple a day will keep the doctor away.” We focus on eating more fruits and vegetables when we pay attention and take an interest in our daily caloric intake. Lucky for you, Red Cactus salsas are a healthy treat made from these fresh vegetables.

Eliminates unhealthy and processed foods

Another benefit that results from the recent gluten free trend is that people are paying more attention to what they eat in terms of fried food, oils, and processed foods we find in the middle aisle of grocery stores. On your next grocery shopping adventure to pick up some Red Cactus Salsa, try to spend most of your time (and money) on the perimeter of the store, avoiding those boxed goods. You will find you are sticking primarily to the major food groups and the freshest foods which are offered at the grocery store.

Do you need to eliminate gluten from your diet?

While we hear a lot about the harms of gluten these days, it is important to understand just what gluten is and whether you would benefit from removing gluten from your diet. As for our salsa, it is great whether you have an intolerance, celiac, or none of the above. But a gluten-free diet is not a one-size fits all fix and saying it will make you healthier is an inaccurate blanket statement. Unless you have celiac disease, have a sensitivity to gluten, or other gluten-related disorders, the presence or absence of gluten is not related to a person’s diet quality as much as the food they consume. Should you be looking into ways to eat healthier, consider the benefits of adding some gluten free products into your diet, including all of our Red Cactus gluten free products.

According to the Harvard Medical School, it is becoming hip to go gluten free based on little to no evidence. Testimonials from people who feel better for cutting gluten out of their diet generally come because they are paying more attention to what they eat, as opposed to the absence of strictly gluten. However, if you have a gluten sensitivity, removing or lowering your amount of gluten intake can have its benefits.

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