What it Means to Be a Company With Faith

Being a faith-based company for us at Red Cactus USA means more than joining Americans who identify with Christianity related goods, services and institutions that contribute over $1.2 trillion a year to the economy. As a Missouri-based salsa company, Red Cactus-USA integrates our faith into our business holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior based on our Christian values. Following our interpretation of faith is not like a light switch that can be turned ‘on’ or ‘off.’ What that means is that our religion and our faith is integrated in everything we do in life. It influences our interactions with others, our business ventures, our soul and sole reason for doing what we do, and at Red Cactus-USA, faith has been with us every step of the way. With principles and values in place, there is a thread of trust which transcend, habitually and without question, through the fibers of our beings. In order to effectively serve both the Lord and our customers, vendors and employees, Red Cactus-USA should operate in a manner consistent with our Christian principles along with delivering our salsa and food products that are sweet, exceptional, and homemade.

Religion provides strength and purpose. As a faith-based business starting from scratch, our Christian beliefs helped guide us to persevere through the rough patches and continue to grow, learn and be appreciative of every single day. Because of this continual guiding light, we honor our beliefs through scripture reference on every jar of salsa, beginning on day one. The scripture is Mark 9:23 which states, “ All things are possible to him who believes!” Later in our life and business journey, we changed the scripture to one from Deuteronomy- Chapter Eight.

But to understand a Christian focused business beyond the stereotypes and beyond the labels is to know the story of how our salsa and food producing business began and how we contribute to the world today. In the summer of 1992 while driving the main artery of Interstate 70 in St. Louis, Missouri, after a night on the town, Red Cactus-USA owner and founder Steven Lehenbauer felt what seemed to be a tap on his shoulder. What followed was God’s voice telling him to change his ways. This experience had a profound impact which moved his heart and changed his soul. Following several invitations from friends to attend church, he was forever changed after entering the River of Life Family Church in Quincy, Illinois. With a heart gripped by God’s loving Spirit, he began to rearrange and prioritize his life to begin his spiritual journey.

Operating a faith-based life and a faith-based business that sells salsa, or anything for that matter, is one in the same. There’s no divide when it comes to morals, principles and values which guide us through the wonderful times and the tough times. Lehenbauer’s journey “From the Cactus to the Cross,” began before 1995 when Red Cactus-USA was founded. But from then on, developing and building the business only added to how he lived and how he would grow to serve. Through trials and obstacles, he worked to overcome to bring true purpose, always putting his faith first. Building Red Cactus-USA to provide some of the best salsa on the market from our operation in Missouri has been a true testament to serving something greater than ourselves.

From manufacturing problems to financial constraints and over nine years of trials and tribulations, Red Cactus-USA met the obstacles and challenges to become a company that has sold thousands of jars of salsa across the country. And being about more than the salsa has meant knowing there was something bigger at play and a bigger picture, which has been to serve and community outreach. Through supporting foundations and helping found Link Up to Life Ministries, we continue to help people who have fallen on hard times. We also continue to spread our faith with open arms to those looking for more in their lives and searching for their own journey. Our at Red Cactus-USA is also to promote healthy, smart, and nutritious lifestyles through every jar of salsa. From our mild salsa to our pickled jalapenos, our products are non-gmo, gluten free and are sourced from fresh ingredients found in our garden creating one of the best selling salsas on the market today.

From his kitchen table, owner and founder Steven came up with the company’s logo and design. Digging deeper into the jar, it is filled with visual symbolism and alludes to our Christian roots. As a company, we are passionate about outreach, about faith, and about our love for spreading the message through visiting your church or meeting place to speak and share stories. To learn more about Red Cactus-USA and our mission, be sure to check out our About Us page and keep up to date with the latest news on our Facebook page. Want Steven to visit your church, group or meeting place? He is always willing to speak and share his stories and journey of “From the Cactus to the Cross.” So if you or someone you know is interested in having Steven speak to your group, church or at a conference, he can be reached at 217-653-8147 or by email at steve@redcactus-usa.com.